Beko Washers

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Types of Washing Machines

Beko produces washers for domestic use only. Nevertheless, their appliances are often used for small hotels, cabinets, cafes, canteens, etc. The capacity of most Beko washers varies from 5 to 12 kg. Currently, there are 6 color solutions for popular models. All Beko machines can be divided into several groups due to its major characteristics:
  • Top-loaders;
  • Side loaders;
  • Integrated (mostly side-loaded);
  • Super slim.
Warranty and durability: 1-2 years with 10 years warranty on motors.

Recycling rate: Beko creates machines that are at least 90% recyclable.

Special technologies

Daily Quick - shortens the time of washing up to 28 minutes, works with full load up to 12 kg.

ProSmart Inverter Motor - makes a motor of machines quieter, cuts spends of energy and water use up to 30%.

Aqua-Tech - helps to remove stains and spots with less intensive movements of a drum and prevents fabric damages.

Anti-deposit rheostat - protects parts of washing machines from hard water effects.

Black Color Washing - protects dark and bright clothes from fading.

Eco Program - helps to wash effectively at 20+ temperatures.

Pet Hair Removal - removes pet hair from any type of washable fabric.

Anti-allergy Wash - allows effective washing with less detergent and more effective rinse.

Brand Story

The company started as a supplier of home electronics for the Turkish market. It was founded by two commercial partners V. Koc and L. Bejerano. The company’s name is formed from the first two letters of the founders’ surnames.

Beko manufactured cheap home appliances, including washers that looked attractively and had high quality. The brand quickly became popular in the local market and started to supply its goods to other countries.

Despite some safety issues, Beko washers became widely used in Europe, Asia and later on other continents. Now Beko washers are presented in more than 130 countries and are manufactured on several continents.

Year of incorporation: 1967

Country of production: Main manufactory situated in Turkey alongside smaller factories worldwide.

Location of headquarters: Turkey

Key person/Chairman: Vehbi Koc, Leon Bejerano

Attention: we are looking for instructions for the following models of Beko washing machines: XL9, WM612W, Volumax5. If you have manuals in PDF or any other format, please send us them via email.