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Types of Washing Machines

Bosch produces a limited range of washing machines that differ by size, colors and ways of loading. There are machines with loading capacity from 6 to 12 kg that can be used at home or for small businesses. All Bosch washers can be divided into three major groups:
  • Top loaders;
  • Side loaders;
  • Washing-drying machines.
Being innovative when it’s up to technology, Bosch creates washers only in traditional colors: white, grey and beige.

Warranty and durability: 24 months on a washer and 10 years on motor. The brand produces very reliable equipment that serves around 1-2 decades on average.

Recycling rate: not less than 92%.

Special features and technologies

VarioDrum - prevents damages of clothes after frequent washing, makes machine laundry available even for gentle fabric.

Wash Forward - makes your clothes clean in less than 1 hour.

PowerWave - helps to make gentle cleaning more effective with the help of pulsation and dynamic water flow.

EcoSilence Drive - makes the work of motor more silent than it usually is.

Hygiene Care - helps to take better care of hygiene, washing clothes with extra hot water.

VarioPerfect - saves up to 20% of energy or up to 65% of the time.

AquaSecure - flood protection in case of inlet hose malfunction.

Brand Story

Robert Bosch Gmbh or Bosch company was started as a supplier of electric engineering equipment in Stuttgart-West, Germany. The company quickly became a monopolist in the sphere, remaining the only supplier of magneto ignition devices in Germany and one of the main ones in Europe.

In 50 years after its business start, Bosch owned several companies and plants and became a corporation. Later Bosch decided to widen the range of its customers, creating home-used appliances, including washers. The first Bosch washing machine was presented in 1958 in Germany.

The launch of the first line of washers became beneficial and inspired the company for creating the first full-service washing machine only two years later in 1960. Seven years later Bosch presented its first washer/dryer combo.

Now the company stays one of the leaders, producing a wide range of electronics, including appliances for laundry. The Bosch brand is an indicator of the high-class quality and progressive approach.

Year of incorporation: 1886

Country of production: most washers are produced by the US factory.

Location of headquarters: Gerlinger, Germany

Key person/Chairman: Volkmar Denner

Attention: we are looking for instructions in English for the following models of Bosch washing machines: Maxx 900 series (WFL1880AU, WFL1800AU etc), Exclusiv, WNM55, WFF 2001. If you have manuals in PDF or any other format, please send us them via email.