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Types of Washing Machines

There are both freestanding and integrated or built-in Hotpoint washers with standard capacity from 6 to 11 kg. Most Hotpoint washers are side-loaders with only a few top-load offers.

Side-loaded washers are available in two sizes:
  • Standard large;
  • Extra slim.
Hotpoint manufactures washers in white, black, grey, beige and graphite colors.

Warranty and durability: the company offers 12 month-warranty for mechanical breakdown and five-year-warranty for parts of an appliance if the purchase is officially registered.

Recycling rate: machines are at least 92% recyclable.

Special technologies

Active Care - allows removing more than 100 types of stains at a low temperature of the water.

Digital Motion Technology - increase the movability of the motor up to 10 different motions in one cycle.

Steam Pack - removes allergens and chemicals with hot steam, increases the temperature of the water.

Steam Hygiene - removes steams and helps to kill dangerous bacteria and fungus with extremely hot steam.

Steam Refresh - removes stains and smell without detergents and water, makes clothes cleaner in a short time with steam power.

Stop and Add - allows loading clothes after the laundry is already started.

Brand Story

The first electronic appliance that was associated with the company’s name was an iron. Earl Richardson invented a technology that made the frontal part of the iron hotter. Comparing to its prototype that was heated in the center, the new iron became more effective and easier to operate.

The immediate success of Richardson’s irons made him start a company with a recognizable name. Later the company decided to produce other home electronics, concentrating on innovative technologies. It’s believed, Hotpoint was the first manufacturer to present an electric toaster in the USA.

After great success in the American market, Hotpoint presented its goods to consumers in the United Kingdom. Having only a few competitors, the company quickly became a European monopolist in selling kitchen and laundry appliances, including washing machines.

Becoming famous due to innovative products, the company later changed its approach, offering appliances with classic design and high-standard quality. Hotpoint provides a lot of appliances for home and HoReCa businesses. Its washers are one of the most popular choices for European consumers where they was also known as Hotpoint-Ariston brand.

Year of incorporation: 1911

Country of production: The USA

Location of headquarters: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Key person/Chairman: Marc Bitzer

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