Indesit Washers

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Types of Washing Machines

Indesit produces freestanding and built-in washers that differ in size. There are standard large machines and slim models with narrower corp. The approximate capacity of machines varies from 7 to 10 kg which is comfortable for families and small businesses.

Most machines are produced in a classic design with three color solutions: white, black and grey.

Warranty and durability: 1-year warranty for a registered purchase. Indesit washers last for at least 7-8 years.

Recycling rate: 90% or more.

Special features and technologies

Push&Wash - saves your time, choosing and setting an optimal program for each washing cycle automatically.

Rapid Option - allows washing clothes extremely fast with a satisfactory result.

Woolmark - makes machine wash possible for very delicate fabric.

Extra Wash Option - adds extra washing time to remove more hard stains.

Mix Coloured 40 - allows washing clothes of different colors without any risk of color change.

Water Balance Plus - helps saving water and electricity determining the optimal water level for each washing cycle.

Brand Story

The world-famous company started its way as Merloni Elettrodomestici SpA. Later the company changed its name to Indesit Company S.p.A in 2005. Despite the serious crisis, Indesit managed to become one of the world’s premier home-appliance producers in the 1980s.

In 1988 the Indesit Company was officially recognized as the fourth-largest producer of household electronic equipment on the planet. The company needed less than a decade to become a complete monopolist on the Italian market and the most popular producer of washing machines in Europe.

Year of incorporation: 1975

Country of production: Italy, UK, Poland, Turkey

Location of headquarters: Fabriano, Italy

Chairman: Vittorio Merloni

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