Kenmore Washers

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Types of Washing Machines

Kenmore offers a big choice of washers, presenting two major lines of appliances. There are models for domestic use that includes Kenmore Elite series and are also chosen by small businesses and a separate professional line for laundries Kenmore Pro.

Home line:
  • Top load washers;
  • Sideload machines;
  • Twin-load models.
Professional coin-operated line:
  • Top-load washers;
  • Side-load washers.
While first Kenmore washers were known for its bright colors and creative design, modern products of the brand have classic look and are mostly designed in standard grey and white colors. You will find here instructions for many models of washing machines, including the popular 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 series.

Warranty and durability: 12 months for most of the washers with an extended guaranty for motors. Most Kenmore washers serve for 14 years or more in the case of domestic use.

Recycling rate: most washers are at least 95% recyclable.

Special features and technologies

Accela Wash - allows washing faster even when a machine is fully loaded (the full washing cycle lasts 29 minutes).

Smart Control - allows operating any laundry device via Smartphone or similar internet gadget.

Stain Boost - helps cleaning heavy spots and very dirty clothes by increasing the time and intensity of the washing process.

Steam Treat - allows removing spots with the steam power.

Deep Fill - makes it possible to control the water level for each laundry cycle.

Brand Story

Kenmore was first known as a producer of drop feed sewing machines. The brand quickly became recognizable and trusted due to the high quality of its products. The first Kenmore washing machines were presented on the market more than a decade later in 1927.

In 1936 around a million laundry items branded as Kenmore were sold. The company became even more popular after the World War II when more than 95% of American homes became electrified.

Sears, the owner of the Kenmore brand, made its washers popular, paying much attention to the design of the produced models. There were limited lines with coral-red, yellow, aquamarine and other bright colors alongside standard white-colored washers.

Kenmore stays one of the most popular producers of the elite home washers. Nearly every third house in the USA has Kenmore washer or other home appliances of this brand. There’s also a line of professional Kenmore washers that are used by businesses worldwide.

Year of incorporation: 1913

Country of production: The USA

Location of headquarters: Chicago, The USA

Key person/Chairman: Eddie Lambert