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Types of Washing Machines

Starting with a very limited range of products, LG now offers more than 100 washing machine variations that can be divided into 4 categories:
  • Twinwash;
  • Front Loader;
  • Top Loader;
  • Two-in-one (washer and dryer).
Most LG Washers are created for domestic use. However, some models have a bigger capacity and are often chosen for business and laundries. There are models with capacity from 7 up to 21 kg. Some twinwash machines are designed to wash 21 + 11 kg of laundry in two sections simultaneously.

Warranty and durability: The standard warranty lasts for 12 months after the day of purchase. There’s also 10-year warranty for the motor.

Recycling rate: At least 92% recyclable.

Special features and technologies

TWINWash - allows washing two sets of laundry at the same time without mixing the clothes.

TrueSteam – kills bacteria and up to 99.9% allergens with hot steam.

6 Motion DD – removes hard stains with a special set of drum motions.

Inverter Direct Drive – reduces motor vibration and makes the laundry extra quiet.

Add Wash – allows opening the machine door and adding a forgotten item after the laundry cycle is started.

Smart ThinQ – allows operating the laundry remotely via an app and an internet device.

Eco Hybrid – saves water or washing time up to 40% for each laundry cycle.

AI DD – analyzes type, time, and amount of laundry to optimize the washing cycle.

Brand Story

The company started its way in a post-war period with an aim to supply Korean consumers with the high-quality yet affordable electric appliances. The first name of the company was GoldStar what was probably associated with patriotic motives. GoldStar was the first South Korean company that produced washers and other home appliances of high quality.

The 1970s became the golden time for the manufacturer. The company started exporting its goods and earned around $100 million, becoming one of the most successful and fast-growing companies in the history of business.

Such success motivated the management of the former GoldStar Company for some major changes. It also led to a name change in 1994 when the new name and logo was adopted. The company started to win the global market under the LG Electronics name in 1994-1995 which was associated with tagline tagline 'Life's Good'.

Smart strategies alongside the high quality of produced electric goods made LG one of the world’s monopolists in the sphere. In 2005 the Company entered the list of 100 most powerful businesses on the planet.

Year of incorporation: 1958

Country of production: South Korea, China, USA

Location of headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Key person/Chairman: Kwang-Mo Koo, Jo Seong-Jin, Jung Do-Hyun, I.P. Park