Samsung Washers

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Types of Washing Machines

Samsung produces several types of washing machines that can be used for both homes and businesses. Smaller machines with washing and drying capacity up to 6-19 kg are often used in private flats and houses. Washers with a capacity of 16-20kg are found in hotels, restaurant laundries, hospitals, etc. Devices with 11-15 kg are universal and are often chosen both for larger families or enterprises.

Different design of machines allows using them in various types of rooms and makes them a compatible part of any interior. The most common types of Samsung washers are:
  • Twins;
  • Side loaders;
  • Top loaders;
  • Combos;
  • Semi-automatic.
Most machines are manufactured in two colors: white and graphite (silver). There is also an exclusive line designed in red or blue colors.

Warranty and durability: Samsung offers a 24-months warranty for most of its washers. The average life expectancy of the washing machines of this producer is 11 years or more.

Recycling rate: Samsung washers are 95% recyclable.

Special features and technologies

Quick Drive - allows cutting the laundry time half with no harm to the result.

Add Wash - allows opening a machine and adding extra clothes during washing.

Ecobubble - helps to wash clothes more effectively in cold water with the help of air bubbles.

Brand Story

Samsung was started as a family-operated company with around 40 employers. Its original name can be interpreted as ‘three stars’ and was first used and patented by Lee Byung-Chul, the owner and founder of Samsung. Primarily the business started its professional way as a food supplier and trading company.

The company entered the market of electronic goods only in the late ’60s, having a strong business reputation and influence in Korea. The producing of high-quality electronics, including washing machines and dryers, made the manufacturer one of the most trusted and recognized brands. Now Samsung is the sixth brand in the world due to its monetary value and the first largest business in Korea.

Year of incorporation: 1938

Country of production: most Samsung washers are produced in South Korea and China. Some are also manufactured in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Location of headquarters: Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea

Key Person/Chairman: Lee Kun-Hee