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Types of Washing Machines

Most of Whirlpools washers are created for domestic use. Nevertheless, the company offers sets of washing machines designed for commercial clients and businesses. Whirlpool produces four main types of washing machines presented with numerous models:
  • Top washers;
  • Front-load washers;
  • 2-in-one washers (washer+dryer);
  • Combined laundry centers.
Most models are designed in a minimalistic style and presented in black, white or grayish (metallic) colors.

Warranty and durability: most Whirlpool goods are sold with one year warranty. The average minimal durability of the washing machines produced by the company is 14 years. This shall only be applied for the cases when a washing machine is used once in a day for one laundry cycle.

Recycling rate: all Whirlpool products, including washing machines and dryers, are 96% recyclable.

Special features and technologies

Load & Go Dispensers - allow loading washing detergent and softener once for up to 40 laundries.

Built-in faucet - allows rinsing spots away manually without taking clothes out of the washing machine.

Moisture and temperature sensor - protects clothes from over-drying.

Laundry Pedestal - serves as an extra container for your laundry essentials, can be combined with a washing machine of any size and color.

Brand Story

The Company was found at the beginning of the 20th century by Louis Upton and Emory Upton. It was first known as a producer of manual washers. Soon after its incorporation, the company became a pioneer in producing unique semi-electronic washers. The first electric motor-driven wringer washer produced by Whirlpool became a prototype of modern washing machines.

The company became popular, attracting the attention of big commercial clients like the Federal Electronic Division of Commonwealth and Sears, Roebook & Co. In 1947 the company presented its first spinner-type washer that became widely used by businesses and individuals.

The modern name ‘Whirlpool’ was first used in 1948. Today the company is known as one of the largest manufacturers of washing machines and other electronic goods and has over 92 000 employees.


Whirlpool washing machines sometimes break down like any other domestic appliance. Users can often troubleshoot themselves using instructions from the appropriate section of the manual. But in some cases, you should contact the Customer Service for repairs, help and advice. The most common problems of Whirlpool washing machines: extraneous noise, leakage, electrical problems, smoke, vibrations, smell, etc. Consider this information when choosing models and manufacturers, and in the event of a malfunction. Some models may breakdown more frequently and have factory recognized technical issues that can be fixed free of charge by the dealer.

Year of incorporation: 1911

Country of production: The USA

Location of headquarters: Michigan, The USA

Key person/Chairman: Marc Bitzer