Privacy Policy

This page is created to introduce you to the main principles of our privacy policy. Here we try to explain how we collect and use any data that may be connected to our online visitors. Please, feel free to contact us if you need extra information.


You don’t need to register or to enter any information to use our site or any of its services. We do not use any forms that require entering your personal data, contact or bank details. Please, be aware that our site was not created to collect any type of personal data.


In order to personalize our services, to make our site fast-working, we use cookies. A cookie is a small textual file that is sent to your device and stored on the hard disk of your PC, laptop or other gadgets. The file’s function is sending data that may refer to the type of device you use or some of your basic settings like language and geographical location.

Such data is not referred to as personal as it doesn’t identify you, however, it may reveal some of the details that help us to understand the needs of each user better. Nevertheless, it’s possible to stop any informational exchange, switching it off in the Setting section of your browser.

In case you stop an exchange of cookies, you still have access to our site and its services, however, some functions may be invalid or work differently.